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Automated Due Diligence
delivered in a convenient PDF

Reduce hours of investigation with a consolidated overview

of a crypto user's history, and the potential risk level to your organization

Automated Risk Assessment

Collect user data, classify transactions, and perform counterparty analysis with risk scores tailored to your risk preference

Source of Wealth and Source of Funds

Our advanced Profit & Loss tooling offers insights into wealth sources, including mining, ICO, and NFT incomes

Advanced Analytics and Pattern Detection

Unique AML patterns detect suspicious activities, catching unlabelled illicit funds

Missing Wallets

Exposure of wallets users have either forgotten, or intentionally hidden

Exotic Transaction Exposure

Exposure of privacy enhancing technologies, sanctions, suspicious transactions, mixers, liquidity pools, smart contracts and chain hopping

Verified Wallet Data

& Ownership

Validated wallet ownership and blockchain data. Decentralized wallets are 'signed' for proof, and API-linked exchange accounts are verified, bolstering accuracy.

Why Choose Cense

Our proven technology sets the new standard for automated blockchain analysis in AML and Tax Compliance. We seamlessly integrate with your IT setup, ensuring GDPR and Security compliance, and collaborate with top industry players.

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