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Due Diligence

Delivered in a convenient report.

Reduce hours of investigation with a consolidated overview of a crypto user's history, and the potential risk level to your organization

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Automated risk assessment

Collect user data, classify transactions, and perform counterparty analysis with risk scores tailored to your risk appetite


Source of Wealth and Source of Funds

Our advanced Profit & Loss tooling offers insights into wealth sources, including mining, ICO, and NFT incomes


Advanced Analytics and Pattern Detection

Unique AML patterns detect unusual activities and money laundering patterns on the blockchain


Missing Wallets Detection

Indication of wallets users have either forgotten, or intentionally hidden


High Risk Transaction Exposure

Exposure of privacy enhancing technologies, sanctions, suspicious transactions, mixers, liquidity pools, smart contracts and chain hopping


Verified Wallet Data & Ownership

Decentralized wallets are signed for cryptographic proof of ownership, and API-linked exchange accounts are verified, ensuring accurate validation of wallet ownership and blockchain data.

Warum Cense wählen?

Unsere bewährte Technologie setzt den neuen Standard für die automatisierte Blockchain-Analyse in den Bereichen AML und Tax Compliance. Wir integrieren uns nahtlos in Ihr IT-Setup, stellen die Einhaltung der DSGVO und der Sicherheit sicher und arbeiten mit Top-Akteuren der Branche zusammen.

Extensive Blockchain Coverage

Native support of 35+ Blockchains and 400+ blockchain inputs, inclusive of many of the global and local crypto exchanges.

Fully Transparent Analytics

Discover our analytics methodology and heuristics, empowering secure integration into your operations.

World Class Onboarding & Support

From email to chat to phone, our team has supported hundreds of thousands of happy customers with their Tax Compliance needs.

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