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Crypto Compliance
Just Minutes

Make your compliance team up to 10x more effective

Drastically change the economics of onboarding crypto customers and complying with AML regulations

A major shift for financial institutions.

Cut customer onboarding time by up to 90%. 

Improve accuracy and consistency. 

Reduce regulatory risk.

Source of Funds

Detailed source of funds data from DeFi and CeFi transactions including mining, lending and high risk jurisdictions

Risk Assessment

Automated counterparty analysis and risk-scoring, aligned with institutional preferences

Proof of Ownership

Identify which wallets belong to a user with cryptographic signing of DeFi wallets and API connected Crypto Exchange accounts.

SAR Documentation

Risk assessments that exceed your risk tolerance will have full SAR documentation attached.

Cense the difference

How it works


Send a link to your customer. It's that simple.


Your customer will connect their wallets, with our expert guidance.


Our algorithm ingests, organizes and compiles it all into a simple PDF.

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